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County Commission Meetings

In accordance with Iowa Code, Chapter 35B.3, the County Commission of Veteran Affairs shall consist of either three or five persons, as determined by the board of supervisors, all of whom shall be veterans as defined in section 35.1. Ideally, each member of the commission shall be a veteran of a different military action.

Members of the commission of veteran affairs shall be appointed by the board of supervisors, in consultation with the current commission members and the executive director or administrator, to staggered three-year terms at the regular meeting in June. The board may remove an appointee at any time for neglect of duty or maladministration. A vacancy on the commission shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the regular term in the same manner as regular appointments are made. The commission shall organize by the selection of one of their members as chairperson and one as secretary. The commission, subject to the annual approval of the board of supervisors, shall employ an executive director or administrator who shall have the power to employ other necessary employees to carry out the provision of 35B, including administrative or clerical assistants, but no member of the commission shall be so employed.

The commission shall meet monthly and at other times as necessary. At the monthly meeting it shall determine who are entitled to county benefits and the probable amount required to be expended. The commission shall meet annually to prepare an estimated budget for all expenditures to be made in the next fiscal year and certify the budget to the board of supervisors. The board may approve or reduce the budget for valid reasons shown and entered of record and the board’s decision is final.

Generally speaking, County Commission meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the Bremer County Annex, 203 1st Ave NE Waverly IA, 50677.

Commission Members

  • Chairperson: Chief Petty Officer, Rich Miller, USN Retired Waverly, chiefao51@aol.com
  • Sara Jennerman, Waverly, sara.jennerman82@gmail.com
  • Master Sergent, JP Sager,  USAR, Denver, JohnSager234@gmail.com

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