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Funeral Home Resources

The following resource page was developed to hopefully, help you navigate your way through county, state and federal VA Benefits. Bremer County Veterans Affairs is happy to assist you, the Funeral Director, with any facet of the process. If we can be of any assistance, please, do not hesitate to let us know.

Armed Forces Grave Registration

In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 35B Section 19, each funeral director is required to submit, upon the death of a veteran, an Armed Forces Grave Registration to the county in which the veteran is interred, whether placed in the ground or cremains returned to the veterans family.   The purpose of the legislation is to provide both local and state government a means to properly honor our veterans during days of remembrance and informs our office of the potential benefits that survivors may be entitled.  Therefore, we have provided you with this ONLINE FORM that you may complete, print and submit by mail. If you prefer, you may also save the document and submit it through our SECURE WEB FORM.

In addition to mailing an Armed Forces Grave Registration, please attach a non-certified copy of the veterans death certificate and DD-214.  Many spouses are unaware of the benefits available to them and if the veteran dies of a service-connected condition, benefits can be paid to the spouse and/or dependent children.

Department of Veterans Affairs Funeral Director Resource Page

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has consolidated all of their Burial Benefits on one web page.  There, you will find the eligibility requirements and forms necessary to apply for VA Burial Benefits.

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery, located in Van Meter, Iowa, was dedicated in 2008 and is the first federally funded state cemetery in the State of Iowa.  On their web site, you can research eligibility requirements and download an application for interment.  The greatest benefit of the Iowa Veterans Cemetery is that the veteran can be interred without any cost to his or her loved ones as long as they pass on at a VA Medical Center or State VA Nursing Home.  Otherwise, the family will incur the cost of transportation.  Additionally the spouse of the veteran can be interred for $300.  Both burials are all-inclusive.

Iowa National Guard Honor Guard Program

“The rendering of Military Honors for United States Armed Forces veterans is a tribute that our veterans and their families justly deserve.  Section 578 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 requires the Department of Defense to provide, upon request, Military Funeral Honors (MFHs) for eligible veterans.

Any person (Active, National Guard or Reserve) who has completed at least one enlistment or other obligated military service (officer) and received an honorable discharge is eligible for military funeral honors.

Military funeral honors may not be furnished for any individual convicted of a capital offense under federal or state law for which the person was sentenced to death or life without parole.”  For more information, click here.


Any person (Active, National Guard or Reserve) who has completed at least one enlistment or other obligated military service (officer) and received an honorable or general (in most cases) discharge is eligible for military honors.  Military honors may not be furnished for any individual convicted of a capital offense under federal or state law for which the person was sentenced to death or life without parole.

Types of Honors:

  • Basic Honors – Designated for eligible deceased veterans.  Ceremony consists of two (2) personnel to conduct military flag folding, presentation of the flag to the next of kin and the playing of taps.
  • Full Honors – Designated for all active service members, eligible deceased retirees and “gray area” retirees.  The ceremony may consist of nine (9) personnel to conduct basic honors, rifle volley, pallbearers and chaplain if requested.

Types of Documents Required:

  • Form DD 214 for active and reserve soldiers
  • Form NGB 22 for National Guard soldiers
  • Certificate of Honorable Discharge
  • Twenty Year Letter (reserve component)

If there is trouble locating the documents they may contact our office (319) 352-4209 or Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs, (515) 242-5331, for assistance.  If the veteran resided in a state other than Iowa at the time of discharge, they may contact that state’s War Records Division.  They may also request a copy through The National Archives.  Iowa National Guard records can be obtained at the Iowa National Guard Records Center, (515) 252-4313, or the state records center where they were discharged if it was in a state other than Iowa.

Local Honor Guard Contacts

CityNamePrimarySecondaryOther Information
JanesvilleBill Bloker(319) 987-2297(319) 464-2817
SumnerKen Kasemeier(563) 578-5915N/A
TripoliWilliam Bravener(319) 882-3260N/A
Iowa Honor Guard CoordinatorDCSPER/Room 231(515) 252-4421(800) 294-6607, ext. 44217015 NW 70th Ave.
Johnston, IA 50131
Fax: (515) 252-4135

Military Branch Casualty Assistance Offices

Each branch of service has officers who serve as Casualty Assistance representatives. Although they go by different titles - Casualty Assistance Officer (Army), Casualty Assistance Representative (Air Force), Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) - their jobs are the same. Casualty Assistance Officers are responsible for notifying family members when a service member has died. A CAO will provide as much information as available regarding the circumstances of the member's death and will answer any questions. The CAO will also ensure that the survivors immediate needs are being met during this difficult time. The CAO will immediately begin the process of providing any assistance available in making funeral or memorial arrangements as appropriate.

The CAO will assist beneficiaries in the preparation and submission of claims to various government agencies for benefits to which you may be entitled. In addition, the Personnel Command will provide the CAO with a Casualty Assistance Call Package for the next of kin. This package will contain various benefit forms. CAO will provide assistance all claims are filed and settled or until any issues regarding those benefits are resolved. The next of kin may choose to release the CAO at any time that he or she feels that their assistance is no longer needed or desired.
Branch of ServicePrimarySecondary
U.S. Air Force(402) 294-6667None
U.S. Army(800) 294-6607(913) 681-5249
U.S. Coast Guard(314) 269-2321None
U.S Marine Corps(866) 826-3628None
U.S. Navy(847) 688-2414None