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Bremer County Veterans Affairs General Relief Fund

Bremer County Veterans Affairs funds emergency assistance to resident veterans based on need.  These basic needs include rent, food, medical bills, burial, and special needs.

For you to be eligible, you must have a basic, emergency need that cannot be met by other means.  Additionally, you must be a resident of Bremer County, meet certain income/asset guidelines, be registered with Iowa Workforce Development, and apply for all other assistance in the area.  See the list of community organizations that offer assistance below the VA General Relief Application.

If you choose, you may complete and print out a copy of the VA General Assistance Application or stop by the office for a copy.

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Dental Assistance


Food Assistance

Community Meals

Medical Assistance

Rental & Housing Assistance

Other Resources

  • American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance: American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance Program grants cash awards to minor children of veterans who are eligible for American Legion membership. These grants help families in need meet the cost of shelter, food, utilities and health expenses, thereby keeping the child or children in a more stable environment.
  • Our Heroes Dreams:  Our Heroes Dreams has teamed up with Home Depot and other organizations to help provide the needed repairs to our veteran’s homes. Providing these home repairs helps to let our veterans live more comfortable and puts less stress on a veteran when they can’t afford that new roof or needed repairs. One thing that is critical for this program to work is the community.
  • USA Cares:  USA Cares Emergency Assistance program offers post-9/11 service members, veterans and their families assistance with utility bills and even provides emergency food assistance. It is not unusual for National Guard members or Reservists to suffer a significant loss of income when being called to active duty, and many return home from deployment with the task of finding a new job. For some families, an error in pay or delays in processing causes them not to receive income—a situation that may not be corrected for weeks.
  • VFW Unmet Needs:  VFW Unmet Needs was created in 2004 through a corporate partnership to assist military service members and their families who run into unexpected financial difficulties as a result of deployment or other hardships directly related to military service. Unmet Needs assists with basic life needs such as mortgage and rent, home and auto repairs, insurance, utilities, food, and clothing. Unmet Needs helps meet unanticipated financial demands on our service members’ families that can’t be remedied through existing means and provides our service members with the security of knowing that their families have additional support here at home.