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Nelson Olin Allen

Nelson Olin Allen was born on September 17, 1841 in Loraine, OH and died August 24, 1867 in .

Nelson Olin Allen entered the on , in Loraine, OH, served during the Civil War era and reached the rank of before being discharged on in .

Nelson Olin Allen is buried at Harlington Cemetery in Waverly, Iowa and can be located at

  • Prisoner of War: Yes

Armed Forces Grave Registration

Was taken prisoner and served in Libbey Prison for over 18 months.
He came to Iowa broken in health with his father Roswell Allen (a soldier in 1812) to be with a brother Wesley who had been here since the late 40’s, one of the earliest settlers in Bremer Co. Nelson D. Allen’s death was on August 24, 1867 caused by drowning when swimming in Cedar River near Plainfield, Iowa.