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The Neighborhood Closet & Our Response

Two years ago, we partnered with The Neighborhood Closet to provide clothing and cleaning supplies for veterans in need. Back then, they had some great stuff for the whole family. Anyone could and still can drop off their gently used items and ask them to put it on the Veteran’s Affairs account. We would use that credit to allow veterans and their family members pick up winter coats, interview clothing, laundry detergent or anything else that a veteran’s family would need.

As previously mentioned, the demand has surpassed our Closet coffers, so if you’re doing some fall cleaning and have gently used women’s or children’s clothing, furniture, DVD’s, appliances, art, or anything else that The Neighborhood Closet will consign and you’re willing to part with, please drop it off at the Closet and tell them to put in on the Veteran’s Affairs account. The credit stays at The Closet and in your community.

Also, if you have winter coats that no longer fits, are out of style or you just don’t want anymore, we’ll gladly accept them at the office. You’d be amazed at the number of people that simply don’t have the money for a new coat! All we ask is that they are clean and “serviceable.” Small tears and holes we can work with! It doesn’t matter if they’re men’s, women’s or children’s; they’re all needed and you just never know the impact that a warm coat can make!