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Technician 4th Grade Robert W. Farnham

Technician 4th Grade Robert W. Farnham was born on April 22, 1914 in Clarksville, IA and died February 7, 1944 in Anzio Beach Head, Italy.

Robert W. Farnham entered the United States Army on November, 1940, in New Hampton, IA, served during the World War II era and reached the rank of Technician 4th Grade before being discharged on February 7, 1944 in Anzio Beach Head, Italy.

Robert W. Farnham is buried at Harlington in Waverly, Iowa and can be located at

  • Killed in Action: Yes
  • Wounded in Action: Yes
  • Died in Service: Yes

Armed Forces Grave Registration

First Service Man from Chickasaw County To lose his Life
Killed when Hospital was Bombed Febuary 7, 1944


"1920  United States Federal Census,"  Sheet 1-A, Family 4, Line 14, Bremer County, Iowa, 1920.
“1920 United States Federal Census,” Sheet 1-A, Family 4, Line 14, Bremer County, Iowa, 1920.
"1930 United States Federal Census," Enum. District 23, Series T626, Roll 644, Sheet 1-A, Line 21, Waverly, Iowa, 1923.
“1930 United States Federal Census,” Enum. District 23, Series T626, Roll 644, Sheet 1-A, Line 21, Waverly, Iowa, 1923.

 Newspaper Articles

Complete List Provided by County Draft Board

134 Draftees and Volunteers Since First Were Called About a Year Ago

Following is a complete list of all Chickasaw county men who have gone to the Army through selective service, since the first draft call was made about a year ago.

The list, which has been provided for publication by the Chickasaw County draft board, contains 134 men who were drafted or volunteered for service under the Selective Service Act.

There Are 22 Nashuans in the list

Names of the men and towns from which they came follow:

Robert William Farnham, New Hampton.
Daniel Oscar Donovan, N. H.
Charles Homer Whalen, N. H.
Paul William Lipp, N. Hampton
Millard Lee Simpson, New Hamp.
Merle James McGrane, N. Hamp.
Joseph Edmund Lipp, N. Hamp.
Stanley Elver Johnson, N. Hamp.
Elmer Edward Boggess, Bassett.
Russell Stanley Fliger, N. Hamp.
Horace Ralph Tuthill, N. Hamp.
Lyden C. O’Day, Fredericksburg
Lawrence Russell Knapp, Nashua.
Joseph James Egan, Lawler.
Alfred Oliver Attleson, Lawler.
Bernard Joseph Reihle, Lawler.
Herbert William Maloy, Nashua
Dale William Lewis, F’burg.
Kored John Iminermann, F’burg.
Vern Vain Boggess, Bassett.
George Henry Hoffman, N. Hamp.
Raymond Joseph Drewelow, N. H.
Nels John Anderson, Lawler.
Gustav Theodore Attleson, N. H.
Howard Everett Speicher, F’burg.
Jake Boomgarden, Nashua.
Virgil Leroy Nelson, Nashua.
William Long, New Hampton
Harland Edward Schmidt, Ionia
Vern David Idler, Nashua
Walter Joseph Nulty, Lawler
Leo James McGrane, Alta Vista
Kenneth Ervin Leichtman, N. H.
Thomas William Ashley, Bassett
Joseph Aloysius Bolger, Lawler
Charles C. Tupy, Waucoma
Leonard Henry Graeser, Nashua
Grant Leslie Sanders, Jr., Nashua
Ervin Earnest Stansbery, N. H.
Donald Lester Kerr, F’burg
August Charles Buckel, Nashua
John Erwin Shekelton, Lawler
Selmar Tolman Attleson, N. H.
Victor Moody, F’burg
Frank Weiglein, New Hampton
Robert Allen Pierce, Nashua
Merle Herman Hatzky, Nashua
Martin Dillman, Lawler
Oscar B. Bikdal, Lawler
John Joseph Roethler, Ionia
Clinton Charles Peters, N. Hamp.
Arthur Richard Holdiman, N. H.
Paul Ivan Coen, Fredericksburg
George Morse, Ionia
Harold Edwin Haugen, Lawler
Alva Oliver Althof, N. Hampton
Walter James Morrissey, N. H.
Charles Frederick Blethen, N. H.
Clifford Elmer Kolthoff, N. H.
Edward Fred Volderding, N. H.
Paul Robert Roehrich, N. Hamp.
Kenneth Ingerman Fods, Nashua
Wilbert Marvin Fankhauser, N. H.
Lyle Carey Cook, Nashua
Howard Gray Menold, Nashua
Rueben Edwin Potratz, N. Hamp.
Clarence Joseph Kellner, N. H.
Kenneth T. Woods, Lawler
Kenneth Ardean Knutson, N. H.
Roy Idler, Nashua
Edward John Ungs, N. Hampton
George Oudekerk, Nashua
Alvin George Harrenstein, N. H.
Norbert John Heying, Alta Vista
Virgil James Schneider, F’burg
Harry William Tyler, Alta Vista
Rex Rolland Pierce, Nashua
Floyd Adell Zipse, Lawler
Harry William Schultz, Alta Vista
Elmer Edward Denner, N. Hamp.
Edwin William Diesburg, Ionia
Lloyd William Rodamaker, Chas. City
Harry L. Dreier, Waverly
Norbert Wencelaus Marback, North Washington
Clarence Charles Blazek, Lawler
Mearl Edward Smith, Nashua
Justin John Holschlag, N. Hamp.
Edward Ross Webb, Alta Vista
Louis Cyril Robbins, Ionia
Claus Clarence Hinders, F’burg
Cornelius Charles DeBettignies New Hampton
Stanley Frank Panos, Lawler
Donald Wilbur Eckenrod, Ionia
Leander Joseph Heying, Alta V.
Palmer Orval Anderson, Lawler
Arthur Lowell Munson, Lawler
Henry Francis Weydert, N. Wash.
John Wesley Harbaugh, Nashua
Leslie Dale Webb, Alta Vista
James Henry Cutsforth, Lawler
Robert Paul Hentges, Alta Vista
Victor Richard Hartman, F’burg
Lowell Martin Knapp, Nashua
Alorth Ingvold Nelson, N. Hamp.
Walter Arthur Kalkbrenner, N H.
Joseph Michael Weigel, Lawler
Allen Ernest Bigelow, Bassett
Robert E. Drewlow, N. Hampton
Ted Frank Bigelow, Ionia
Fred Harrison Benz, F’burg
Arthur Francis Nolfes, Lawler
Benjamin Kramer, New Hampton
Elmer Herman Bill, Alta Vista
Bernard William Springer, Ionia
Vern Alert Johnson, N. Hampton
Justin Cletus Dee, N. Hampton
Virgil Benard Schneider, N. H.
Clarence John Hoffman, N. Hamp.
Edward Carl Manske, Alta Vista
Aden James Anderson, N. Hamp.
Herbert LeRoy Hewitt, N. Hamp.
Luvern Charles Kolbet, Alta Vista
Francis Lee Klenske, N. Hamp.
Albert Idler, Nashua
Alphonsus Louis Chihak, N. H.
Leonard Frank Recker, N. H.
John Frederick Budweg, N. H.
Orville Festus McGrew, F’burg
Louis Clarence Sargeant, N. H.
Earl Walter Schroeder, F’burg
Garford Oliver Allison, Nashua
George Washington Nauertz, F’burg
Leroy Schultz, Nashua
Henry Herman Zeien, N. H.

“Complete List Provided by County Draft Board,” Nashua Reporter, (Nashua, IA), Feb. 4, 1942.

First Selectee Killed in Italy

Sgt. Robert Farnham at Top of Honor Roll

New Hampton – Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Farnham have been advised by the war department that their son, Sgt. Robert Farnham, was killed in action in Italy Feb. 7.

Sergeant Farnham, who was born April 22, 1914, in Butler county, Iowa, was the first man from Chickasaw county to enter the army under selective service and his name is first on the honor roll here.

He was an x-ray technician and went to Italy in April, 1943. Besides his parents he leaves 2 sisters, Mrs. Vincent Gebel of White Bear Lake, Minn., and Mrs. Robert Ahrnes of Cresco and a new brother, C. W. Farnham of New Hampton.

“First Selectee Killed In Italy,” Mason City Globe-Gazette. (Mason City, IA), Mar. 8, 1944.

Gets Purple Heart

New Hampton – Mrs. Robert Farnham received the Purple Heart award from the war department. It was awarded posthumously to her husband, T/4 Robert Farnham, who was killed in action in Italy Feb. 7.

“Gets Purple Heart,” Mason City Globe-Gazette, (Mason City, IA), Apr. 21, 1944.

World War II Casualties

World War Two casualties from Chickasaw County include:

Delbert E. Allison, Seaman 1/c.
William V. Ball, Seaman 1/c
Eldon R. Boots, Pfc.
Ernest H. Bork.
Fernly Bush.
Edward Cero, Pvt.
Floyd R. Chamney, Pfc.
Robert L. Crooks, Pfc.
Lyle Cook, Chief Warrant Officer.
Everett LeRoy Dana, Pvt.
Peter M. Derganz.
Raymond J Drewelow, 2nd. Lt.
Robert W. Farnham, Sgt.
Donald O. Fisher, Pfc.
Lawrence Fisher, Sgt.
Franklin Houser, Pvt.
Albert Idler, S/Sgt.
Jenness, Oren L. Sgt.
Paul Frederick Johann.
Elmer Stanley Johnson, Pvt.
Clifford E Kolthoff, Pfc.
Leroy A. Larson, Sgt.
John A. Liebenstein, 2nd Lt.
John McCormack Lindsley, Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2/c.
Jack McCahen.
Francis Anthony McKone, Gunner’s Mate 3/c
Verlyn C. Merritt, Pfc.
Gerald C. Natvig, Pfc.
John O’Neill.
Richard Osterman, Pfc.
Francis Scully, S/Sgt.
Bernard Springer, Pvt.
Sheldon K Swenson, Pvt.
Claude Leroy Wenthe, MM 3/c, USNR.
Harvey Eugene Wilson Pfc.
Bernard W. Winter, S/Sgt.
Elmer A. Wolfgram, S/Sgt.
James Orval Woodruff, Lt.
Klair Wright, Pvt.
William H. Davis.
Lester Bahlmann.
Francis J. Marion, Cpl. (Army).
Walter M. Schultz, Pfc. (Army).

“World War II Casualties,” New Hampton Tribune, (New Hampton, IA), Jun. 30, 1955.

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel, 1946

World War II Honor List of Dead, 1946


Report of Death

Farnham, Robert W. Report of Death Edited
“Report of Death” (Washington, 1944).

Military Service Records