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Captain Myron Jerome Poock

Captain Myron Jerome Poock was born on May 21, 1943 in Waverly, IA and died July 22, 1968 in Phu Cong Province, Vietnam.

Myron Jerome Poock entered the United States Army on , in , served during the Vietnam War era and reached the rank of Captain before being discharged on July 22, 1968 in Phu Cong Province, Vietnam.

Myron Jerome Poock is buried at St. John's Lutheran in Sumner, Iowa and can be located at

  • Killed in Action: Yes
  • Wounded in Action: Yes
  • Died in Service: Yes

Armed Forces Grave Registration

Poock, Myron funeral churchMyron Poock funeral 8-1-1968

Myron Poock’s funeral – August 1, 1968

Newspaper Articles

Name Rural 8th Grade Graduates

The following are students completing the 8th grade in Bremer County rural schools this spring: Jeannette Haar, Dayton No. 5; Janet Hoppenworth, Dayton No 2; Lee Jame Jones, Sumner No. 2; Diane Kasemeier, Dayton No. 2; Larry Kasemeier, Dayton No. 2;Douglas Luitgen, Dayton No. 8; Clarence Meier, Dayton No. 2; Bernita Meier, Sumner No. 7; Ronald Meyer, Dayton No. 1.

Veryl Ann Meyer, Dayton No. 8; Jerry Nichols, Dayton No. 1; Virgil Pries, Dayton No. 2; Rondal Rathbone, Leroy No. 1; Duane Rathbone, Leroy No. 1; Duane Schwerin, Dayton No.8 Shirley Warnke, Dayton No. 3; Jolene Westendorf, Dayton No. 6, Lyle Poock, Myron Poock and Virgil Pries, Sumner No. 2.

The D.A.R. History Medal was presented to Myron Poock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Poock of Sumner. He is enrolled in Sumner No. 2 School and his teacher is Miss Anna Axberg. The medal is awarded each year by the D.A.R to the rural eighth grade student having the highest average in history.

“Name Rural 8th Grade Graduates” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA), May 23, 1957.


Sumner Champs 4-H Club

Twelve members, one leader and one visitor were present at the regular meeting of the Sumner Champs 4-H Club. It was decided to have a swimming party at Fayette. Daryl Priebe is in charge of this committee.

Myron Poock gave a demonstration on “How Much More Power There Is In a Short Cord Rather than a Long Cord.”

A talk on “Weed control” was given by Bob Meier.

“Sumner Champs 4-H Club” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA), February 20, 1958.

Honor Roll for Six Weeks Announced

Supt. M. M. Rogers of Sumner Community School has announce the high school honor roll for the fourth six weeks. It includes the following students:

4 point-honor roll – all “A” grades

Dennis Niewoehner, senior; Beverly Smith, sophomore; Jerry Fedeler and Dan Strottman, freshman.

3.5 point-honor roll – Equivilant of at least half “A” and half “B” grades.

Seniors: Marjorie Gaede, Janet Hildebrandt, Allan Kuethe, DiAnna Meier, Gerhardt Meier, Marguerite Mohr, Madelyn Schmelzer.

Juniors: Roland Platte, Donald, Reick, Lou Anne Pleggenkuhle, Jane Whitmire.

Sophomores: Roger Bock, Harlan Schwake.

Freshman: Janet Hoppenworth, Don Jacob, Kathy Kuether, Rolan Leyh, Myron Poock.

3 Point-honor roll-Equivalent of a “B” average.

Seniors – Janice Kasemeier, Charles Meyer, Colleen Nuss.

Juniors- Mary Ann Hill, Mary Kleiner, Peggy Lamprecht, Marjorie Schwake, Arlen Schwerin.

Sophomores – Dixie BAier, James Bixby, Larry Buhr, Stanton Fox, Eunice Graf, Janice Greenless, Joann Hildebrandt, Jon Kleppe, Carol Oelberg, Sharon Platte, Pauline Smith.

Freshmen – Kay Elliott, Roger Kafer, Janyce Laabs, Vernita Meier, Carolyn Meyerhoff, Jerry Nichols, Dan Pease, Roger Portwine, Mike Sexton.

“Honor Roll for Six Weeks Announced” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA), March 20, 1958.

Results of Crop and Livestock Entries is the Bremer Country 4-H Fair FFA

Corn-Ronald Meyer, two blue ribbons; Arlen Schwerin, two red ribbons; Eugene Judishch, one blue and one red; Jon Kleppe, one blue and one red: Dan Burke, one blue and one red; Stanton Fox, one blue; Myron Poock, one blue; Stanley Steven, one red; Henry Platte, one blue; Howard Platte, one red; and Harold Platte, one red.

“Results of Crop and Livestock Entries is the Bremer Country 4-H Fair FFA” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA) August 27, 1959.

Name Sumner High School Honor Roll

Five Students were named to the 4 point honor roll, equivalent to all “A” grades, the second six weeks at the Sumner Community High School. They were Harlan Schwake, senior, and Laura Gade, Joyce Mohr, Elaine Schwerin and Zelda Smith, grade 10.

Those on the 3.5 honor roll, equivalent of at least half “A” and half “B” grades were grade 11 – Kathy Kuethe, Roland Leyh, Dan Strottman and Dennis Schuldt,: grade 10, Caroly Duhrkopf, Susan Lamprecht and Tom Sexton; grade 9, Rosalyn Glick, Karen Kirchhoff and Robert Meyer.

On the 3 point honor roll, equivalent of a “B” average were: Grade 12, Dixie Baier, James Bixby, Roger Bock, Stanton Fox, Joann Hildebrandt and Beverly Smith.

Grade 11, Jerry Fedeler, Al Hannigan, Janet Hoppenworth, Janyce Laabs, Myron Poock and Mary Schnor.

Grade 10, Michael Aubrey, Jerry Brickman, Ruth Meier, Pat Necker, William Schafbuch, Ann Sorge and George Stevens.

Grade 9, Arlin Bierman, Karla Britain, Carolyn Buhr, Dorothy Fridley, Lee Graf, Mahlon Hammetter, Marlys Kasemeier, Gary Miller, David Stahlhut and Gerald Warnke.

“Name Sumner High School Honor Roll” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA), December 10,1959.

Two Sumner FFA Members To Be Honored at Banquet

Sumner High seniors, Roland Leyh and Jerry Fedeler, are among the 13 FFA members to be honored at the All-agricultural banquet to be held at Iowa State University, Thursday, Nov. 3.

Roland and Jerry were chosen because of their outstanding contribution and leadership in High school and the Future Farmers of America. Leyh is the president of the Sumner Student Council and the FFA Chapter. Fedeler is Chapter Secretary and District Vice-president of the FFA.

Saturday, Oct. 29, Myron Poock and Dan Bohle, attended the “Career Day” program conducted by the College of Agriculture, Ames. Both Fedeler and Poock plan to attend Iowa State University following high school graduation.

“Two Sumner FFA Members To Be Honored at Banquet” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA) November 3, 1960.


Baccalaureate This Sunday Evening At Gymnasium

Commencement exercises for 72 graduating seniors of the Sumner High School will be held Tuesday night, May 16 in the Sumner High School Auditorium. The Commencement program will open at 8 p.m.

Delivering the featured address will be L. M. Pennock, Principal of Jefferson School, Rochester, Minn. His address is titled “You Are Equipped.”

Rev. W. B. Tarr, Superintendent of the Western Home of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, Cedar Falls, will present the class sermon as Baccalaurete speaker Sunday night, May 14 at 8 p.m. Title of his address will be “All That Glitters is not Gold.

Achievement awards will be presented during the Commencement program Tuesday night by the following: Athletic Award, Lester Teeling; Activity Award, Darold Faulkner; Citizenship Award, Hollis N, Hunt; Scholarship Award, Hollis N Hunt.

The senior class will be presented by Supt. M. M. Rogers and presentation of the diplomas will be by Board of Education President, Floyd Robertson.

Rev. Robert Glaser, pastor of St. John American Lutheran Church, Buck Creek, will present the Invocation and Benediction for the Baccalaureate program Sunday night and Rev. John Mohr, pastor of St. John American Lutheran Church, Sumner, will present the Invocation and Benediction at the Commencement program Tuesday night.

Vocal and instrumental special music selections for both programs will be presented under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Smothers and Arnold Benedict, vocal and instrumental music directors, respectively at the local school.

Senior class officers include: President, Dale Fridley; vice-president, Mary Schnor; secretary, Virginia Rakowicz and Treasurer, Joel Niemann. Class motto is “We Have Crossed The Bay, The Ocean Lies Before Us.” The class colors are red and white and the class flower, the rose.

Members of the Sumner Board of Education besides the President, Floyd Robertson are: L. W. Pipho

Alfred Leyh, Carl Reuter, Eldon Schoephoerster, C. G. Nieman, Treasurer and Mrs. Eloise R. Siegfried, Secretary.

Margaret Ann Aubrey
Verna Mae Bacon
Karen Alice Ball
W. James Berg
Gail Gary Bierman
Wayne L. Block
Judy Ann Brunscheon
Leo Michael Buckendahl
Jean Ann Eliason
Kay Linda Elliott
Jerry A. Fedeler
Robert Lee Floden
Dale Allen Fridley
Jean H. Galloway
Ronald Larry Gehrke
Patricia Ann Gitch
Mary Louise Gonnerman
Stella Louise Gott
Eveln May Gray
Jeanette Ann Haar
Ronald Henry Heller
David W. Hicke
Janet Marie Hoppenworth
Karen Kay Hoth
Donald F. Jacob
Judy Kay Johnston
Roger Gene Kafer
Diane Marie Kasemeier
Larry J. Kasemeier
Kathleen Mary Kuethe
Janyce Kay Laabs
Roland P. Leyh
Kay Frances McCue
Clarence Edward Meier
Vernita V. Meier
Patricia Marie Meighan
Ronald F. Meyer
Veryl Ann Meyer
Carolyn Margarete Meyerhoff
Eva May Nelson
Jerry D. Nichols
Joel R. Niemann
Dennis L. Nuss
Thomas Lee O’Brien
Daniel Roy Pease
Thomas G. Perrin
Howard Lloyd Platte
Jerry Dean Poock
Lyle L. Poock
Myron J. Poock
Roger Dale Portwine
Daryl Wayne Priebe
Virgil L. Pries
Virginia Mae Rakowicz
Ronald Duane Rathbone
Marlys Kay Rechkemmer
Gene R. Robertson
Elizabeth Ann Sage
Joan Lee Schnor
Mary I. Schnor
Dennis Rene Schuldt
William Ralph Schult
Joyce Elaine Schwerin
Michael Joseph Sexton
Janice May Snider
Phyllis Eileen Stevens
Stanley Carlson Stevens
Verdis Ardith Warnke
Vernon Arthur Warnke
Jolene Geneva Westendorf
Monte C. Wuttke
Marilyn Lucille Zupke

“Baccalaureate This Sunday Evening At Gymnasium” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA) May, 1961.


Myron J. Poock Receives Alumni and Merit Scholarship

Myron J. Poock of Sumner, a Sociology major, is one of 40 Iowa State University upperclassmen to qualify for 1962-63 Alumni and Merit scholarships.

The scholarships range from $100 to $297 and most of the awards were based on high scholarship going to students with the grade average of 3.5 or better (4 is perfect).  A few selections were determined by financial need, the university information service.

Poock is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Poock of Sumner.

Myron J. Poock Receives Alumni and Merit Scholars” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA) June 28,1963.


Elaine Koch Weds Lyle Poock May 5

SUMNER (Special) – After May 11, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Poock will be at home at 218½ South Division in Sumner.

Elaine Koch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koch, Hawkeye, and Mr. Poock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Poock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Poock, Sumner, were married Sunday, May 5. The 2:30 p. m. double ring ceremony took place at the Hawkeye Trinity Lutheran church, with the Rev. B. L. Rosenow officiating.

Mrs. James Weber was matron of honor for her sister. Bridesmaid was Dorothy Koch, another sister of the bride, with Betty Poock, sister of the bridegroom, as junior bridesmaid.

The ring bearer was Randall Poock, cousin of the bridegroom, and Jodie Koch, niece of the bride was the flower girl.

James Weber, the brother-in-law of the bride, was the best man. Kenneth Poock, brother of the bridegroom, was the attendant, and Dennis Koch, brother of the bride was junior attendant. Ushers were Donald Koch, brother of the bride, and Myron Poock, cousin of the bridegroom.

Candlelighters were Dennis and Danny Poock, brothers of the bridegroom.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Poock are graduates of the Sumner Community High school. The bride has been employed by the Sumner Gazette. Mr. Poock operates the B and B Service Station in Sumner.

“Elaine Koch Weds Lyle Poock May 5,” Oelwein Daily Register (Sumner, IA), May 7, 1963.

Final rites today at St. Paul Church for Viet victim

Services for Captain Myron J. Poock, 25, the third Sumner serviceman to die in Vietnam, will be held today, Thursday, Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. at the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) with the pastor, Rev. Robert F. Kamrath officiating.

Funeral services will follow a family prayer service at the Emerson-Milnes Funeral Home at 1:30 p.m. The casket will be taken to the Church at noon. Interment with military rites in charge of Thomas E. Woods Post No. 223. American Legion of Sumner. will be in the Lutheran Cemetery of Sumner Township.

The body of Captain Poock arrived in Sumner Monday evening, accompanied by the Military Escort, Captain David Park, who is stationed with the Transportation Corps at Fort Riley, Kan. Captain Park accompanied the body from Oakland Army Base, Oakland, California to Sumner.

Captain Poock died Monday, July 22 at 11:05 at an Army Hospital in Vietnam, where he had been taken after being seriously wounded the day before. The wound was incurred when a grenade detonated while he was in a base camp watching a play.

The original telegram advising Captain Poock’s family that he had been wounded, stated that he had received “a metal fragment wound to the eye penetrating the brain.”

Captain Poock had been in Vietnam for eleven months and was serving as an Advisor to South Vietnamese troops in the Bin Dung Province. He had been assigned to the logistical administration advisory team early this year.

Myron Jerome Poock was born at Waverly, Iowa on May 21, 1943, the son of Walter L. H and Alita Pipho Poock. He was baptized on June 20, 1943 by Rev. Mark J. Steege at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Readlyn and was confirmed on April 14, 1957 by Rev. William G. Nagler at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Sumner.

He attended rural elementary school and graduated from Sumner Community High School with the class of 1961. He was an Honor Roll student and was active in school activities, particularly in the Future Farmers of America Chapter, in which he achieved numerous honors.

Following his graduation from High School he attended Iowa State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree on May 29,1965.

His military career actually started while he was still a student at Iowa State University. He was enrolled in the R.O.T.C. training program and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant upon graduation.

Lt. Poock received his basic military training at Fort Riley, Kan. during the summer of 1964. From August 5, 1965 to October 8, 1965, he attended the U. S. Army Adjutant General School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. Upon completion he was assigned to the Armed Forces Entrance and Examining Station at Kansas City, Missouri, where he served for two years. While there he was promoted to First Lieutenant.

Lt. Poock re-enlisted for two years and was transferred to Vietnam on August 18, 1967. On January 2, 1968, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Achievement.

He had one month remaining to serve in Vietnam before completing his year of service there.

Captain Poock was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, maternal grandparents and an infant brother.

Surviving are his fiancée, Janet Maynard of Kansas City, Mo; his parents, Mr and Mrs. Walter L. H. Poock of Sumner; three brothers, Darwin Poock, a student attending Iowa State University at Ames, Virgil Poock, with the U. S. Army, stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas, and Randall at home; one sister, Junever Poock, at home and his paternal grandmother, Mrs. Lydia Poock of Readlyn.

Captain Poock is the third young man from this community to die in Vietnam.

The first was PFC Allen Avery, killed in action in early 1966 and the second was Specialist Fourth Class Richard Meighan killed earlier this year.

“Final rites today at St. Paul Church for Viet victim” Sumner Gazette (Sumner, IA), Aug. 1, 1968.