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Captain John J. Foutch

Captain John J. Foutch was born on December 28, 1833 in Fulton County, IL and died June 22, 1911 in Denver, IA.

John J. Foutch entered the Honor Guards on , in , served during the Civil War era and reached the rank of Captain before being discharged on in .

John J. Foutch is buried at Messenger in Denver, Iowa and can be located at

Armed Forces Grave Registration

John J. Foutch only attended school for 60 days in his entire life, but later attained a good practical business education. He came to Bremer County with Judge Farris in 1849. A year later in 1850 he married Charlitha Jane a daughter of squire Farris. They were the third couple to be married from this county and they went to Independence to get the license. In 1857 he went to the state of Kansas where he found John Brown in his fight for political freedom. He returned to Denver in 1851 and in 1864 he organized a company of soldiers for the Home Guard which was known as the Jefferson State Guards of Iowa. He became their captain, but was never federalized. He was discharged later in 1865. To Mr. and Mrs. Foutch were born Rosanna, Hugo, Debby, William J. and Nancy.